Volunteering can also give you the opportunity to learn about your faith in a new way.

Community Organization

If you are interested in helping your community, you may want to find out how to get community service hours. Volunteering can be a great way to meet new people and gain professional experience. However, before you sign up for a volunteer position, make sure you understand the requirements for the position. Most nonprofit organizations define volunteering as donating your time without compensation.
Some of these activities include blood donation, advocacy for social issues, or unpaid summer camp work. To qualify for hours, you must be a dependable and courteous volunteer. You must also be able to complete your tasks on time and with a minimum of fuss. To ensure that you get the hours you need, make sure you understand the documentation requirements. You can get a community service verification letter from your school or probation officer, or from any organization.


Make sure that the documentation is from a legitimate nonprofit. It should have a physical mailing address and the full name of the board of directors. Also, be aware that some unscrupulous sites offer community service documentation for a large fee. These are generally untrustworthy and illegal. Once you have found an organization that will accept your volunteer hours, you should notify them that you are planning to perform your service.


They will be responsible for making sure that you are not doing anything that could violate their policies. If you have any questions, call the organization and ask for their guidance. Keep in mind that they have the right to fire you if they feel you are not up to par.
Before you start volunteering, it is important that you write down the hours you are working. A simple spreadsheet, such as GoogleDoc, can help you track your service hours.


Volunteering at the Smithsonian Institution online offers people an opportunity to make significant contributions in a variety of research and preservation programs.


You can volunteer at the Smithsonian Institution, complete a short term or long term project, or attend a virtual community service webinar.


The National Museum of American History relies on a highly dedicated corps of volunteers to support the Museum’s exhibitions and collections.


They work in the front and behind the scenes to ensure visitors have a positive experience. In the summer, the Smithsonian offers a summer camp program. Youth Teaching Assistants (YTAs) provide support to the instructors and young campers. These roles are a great way to learn about teaching while supporting the Summer Camp instructors.
There are opportunities in curatorial divisions related to history, archives, and conservation laboratories. A Visitor Information Specialist (VIS) is a volunteer who engages with visitors by providing information services. VISs answer visitor questions and spark interest in the Museum’s exhibits and programs. VISs also help visitors plan a memorable visit.


Latino History

A Latino History Ambassador is a Smithsonian volunteer who shares the rich heritage and history of the U.S. with an emphasis on the Latino community. To be a Latino History Ambassador, you must be fluent in Spanish and enjoy sharing the rich culture of the U.S. VISs must be interested in learning, have excellent customer service skills, and have a passion for learning.